L'oe Show 2022 - Day 3

L'oe Show 2022 - Day 3

Day 3 began much like the others, grabbing food and coffee from Wawa and collectively gathering our bearings in the parking lot before heading out to our destination. Today's first event was at Red Horse Motoring Club, a beautiful garage/bar/showroom/hangout (seriously, you need to check it out if you're in Pottstown), for the unveiling of the Mk8 GTI TCR & A59 Prototypes.

Day 3, Part 1 - Red Horse Motoring Club

We got ourselves parked at Red Horse and chatted with some of the attendees. Dylan ended up chatting with The Humble Mechanic for a while while the rest of us wandered around looking at cars, waiting for the main event. As more and more cars filled the parking lot, spilling over into the street and the adjacent lot, Jamie opened the doors and brought everyone in to checkout the Mk8 TCR and the A59 Prototype, which Jamie managed to bring over from Germany with the help of Volkswagen Classic.

The Mk8 GTI TCR Prototype was still in development when Volkswagen Motorsports unfortunately ceased operations in 2020. Jamie and team managed to get it running with little trouble, using a DIY pump setup to get fuel into the cell and allowing it to fire up. Even with the camouflage wrap you can see the beautiful body lines. Truly a beast, and a wonder to shoot as well.

The A59 Prototype was built in secret by Volkswagen & Schmidt Motorsports with the intents of building a car that could compete (and win) the 1994 World Rally Championship. Wrapped in a wide body exterior, the all aluminum block threw down just shy of 275bhp to the wheels through a Haldex-style four-wheel drive system. Unfortunately financial constraints prevented the project to be completed, but thankfully Jamie & Volkswagen Classic were able to bring the prototype for us to feast our eyes on, and what a beauty it is.

After taking an overwhelming amount of photos of the A59 & TCR, we headed outside to see that the show had filled the entire adjacent parking lot, as well as the entire street. One of my favorite parts of this whole weekend was watching the events grow in size each day, now sitting at a hefty 100+ cars, each day bringing more unique and incredible builds out.

Day 3, Part 2 - Pottstown Cruise Night

It was soon time to cruise to the second event of the day, Pottstown Cruise Night. This show was hosted downtown on High Street as well, the street filling up with a mix of Volkswagens & Audis there for L'oe, and tons of classic cars there for the Cruise Night. It was really incredible to see the dynamic of both high-caliber newer and older cars of different makes and walks of life.

We also figured we might as well get our shopping in the day before of the show so we could concentrate on the cars. We ended up stopping by Black Forest Industries to pickup the A59 shirt, and drool over the limited carbon shift knobs they had. We also stopped by Solowerks to grab some shirts, which were actually being pressed on the spot - very cool to see.

We also saw that Jamie would be auctioning off some carbon fiber parts to support Breast Cancer Awareness, which is absolutely awesome. The night wound down, and knowing that we had to be at the show early to park we called it an early one and retired to the motel.

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