L'oe Show 2022 - Day 2

L'oe Show 2022 - Day 2

Day 2 of L'oe started with the cacophony of dogs barking and children yelling in our Motel, which is somewhat to be expected. Once we all shook the cobwebs off, we headed out to the Brunch & GTG, hosted by ECS Tuning, B2BFAB, and Nineteen66 Designs.

Day 2, Part 1 - Brunch

Once again we somehow were one of the first groups to arrive, so we were directed to park. The brunch was hosted in a large open field, adjacent to a sprawling field of just-sprouting corn, it was truly beautiful. A few more cars started to roll in, one of which being a 1 of 1 Mk7.5 Caribbean Green Golf R with a full Oettinger kit, AND BBS LMs (does it get any better than that?), which is absolutely gorgeous. We chatted with the owner, Melissa, and her husband Mike (with a killer TTRS), about wheels, tuning, and DAZAs (because of course). They are really awesome people (it was great to get to know you guys!), and we ended up chatting with them throughout the weekend.

Eventually Dylan left and picked up Travis Rock, a photographer for Black Forest Industries, as well as the owner of an absolutely rad 6n Harlekin Polo (I highly recommend checking his site out for more pictures). We immediately clicked, and geeked out over cameras, cars, and more. I snapped a couple more photos of some cars, including a beautiful S3, and an RS6. Shortly after everyone packed up and began the cruise up to the Reading Pagoda.

Day 2, Part 2 - Reading Pagoda

While the cruise up to Reading Pagoda got slightly disjointed, it was still a riot, blasting through the back roads of Pottstown with Brandon in his Cabby behind me (and eventually in front of me, roaring by me and putting a massive smile on my face).

The drive up to the pagoda was filled with sharp twists and short straights, but it was a thrill the whole time. We reached the summit and were greeted with the beautiful Reading Pagoda. Brandon had coordinated a photoshoot of his Cabby in front of the Pagoda, so I piggybacked and got some shots of my own.

Dylan, Larry, and Melissa were invited to park their cars in front of the pagoda after the ECS shoot, so we snapped some pics there, then migrated off into the shade, discussing what seemed like everything and nothing at the same time, enjoying everyone's company on what was an incredible second day.

Day 2 - Epilogue

After spending time at the pagoda, we cruised down to High Street, the main strip on which the show was happening. We dropped off Travis at BFI, then parked and checked out the various store fronts that were in the process of being set up. Eventually we grabbed some food, then headed back to the motel to call it a night.

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