L'oe Show 2022 - Day 4

L'oe Show 2022 - Day 4

The day of the L'oe Show has arrived! We started the day early to ensure a good spot in the show, and we lucked out getting there early enough to more or less have our pick of the spots. We parked our cars, and headed out to look around at the cars flowing in and chat with Brandon.

Eventually the Boo of BooBuilt, Devon, showed up to enjoy the show with his wife Ashli and our buddy Jean-Luc. It was great to see everyone down there, and we got some great ideas for future builds.

One of the special parts of today was Volkswagen unveiling the 20th Anniversary Golf R, to celebrate 20 years of high-performance all-wheel-drive Golfs. With a sunroof delete, carbon fiber trimming, and importantly an option for manual transmission (!!), it's truly a great way to celebrate 20 years.

Eventually it was time to announce the winners of the show, which covered a range of VW/Audi models, all well deserved. The quality of cars that came out was jaw-dropping to say the least. The trophies were incredibly cool, featuring a jar of Volkswagen Gewürz Ketchup, wrapped in a range of colored ST Suspension springs, inside of a L'oe Show glass. Pictured is Jamie speaking, as well as Ward (@dropitlowgarage, who came from Germany!) and Brandon Q handing out awards.

Best in Show went to an absolutely immaculate Mk2 Scirocco, which honestly sounded just as good as it looked. A well deserved win.

And that brings us to the end of our L'oe Show coverage. I'd like to give a massive shout out and thank you to the King of L'oe himself Jamie Orr for putting on this event. From start to finish it has been nothing but a joy, between the amount of incredible cars and the amazing new friends that I've met over these four days, I couldn't have imagined a better time. I absolutely cannot wait to attend the next one.

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