L'oe Show 2022 - Day 1

L'oe Show 2022 - Day 1

And we're back, this time with coverage from this year's L'oe Show by Jamie Orr. This is one show that I was gutted I was unable to make last year, as it was hosted inside of a mall with a lot of high end cars. This year I was able to attend, and the event took over 4 blocks (!) of downtown Pottstown, Pennsylvania, with show cars lined up and down the street and vendors such as Black Forest Industries and Solowerks taking over local store fronts with pop-up shops.

Day 1 - Sly Fox Brewery

The first day began by driving down to Pottstown with Dylan (Mk7.5 Golf R) from Connecticut. We stopped in New Jersey to eat at Tony Boloneys (which was incredible), then proceeded on with our journey. All told it was a little over 4 hours of driving, which really wasn't that bad. We met up with Chris (Mk5 R32 w/ CCWs) and Larry (Chromatic-wrapped Mk7 GTI Rabbit Edition) at our 'Hotel with an M', and soon we were on our way to Sly Fox. We were one of the first groups to arrive, so after initially parking on the street we were told to pull into the field, and we parked up.

We hung out for a good while, ensuring we completed show registration for our cars and chatting it up with some folks at the get-together. There was a beautiful Scirocco faux-GTI, who's owner had a trove of documentation and advertisements for the car, including a rarely seen color sample book for both the exterior and interior, really cool stuff.

The night started to wind down and people starting shuffling out, however suddenly there was a loud roaring in the distance. From the field we see Brandon Q pull into the brewery in his rowdy Mk1.8T Cabby that he built, in all it's livery-wrapped glory (which he again did himself, really incredible). We all chatted late into the night, and I managed to score two of my favorite pictures. The first being of Brandon's Cabby under the lights.

The second photo is the banner picture of this blog post. Just before leaving, we found out that Jamie's Eurovan wouldn't start. Attempts were made to resuscitate it, which were unsuccessful. Banding together, the van was pushed out of the field by Larry, @retrowheelz (I'm sorry, I don't know your name!), Chris, Brandon, and Christian, into a parking spot at Sly Fox. Everyone coming together to push the van made for a perfect photo, as it captures what really makes good car culture, and this trip even more worth it: Community.

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