VW MK1.8T Cabby Build - Part IV

VW MK1.8T Cabby Build - Part IV

We're back with a long overdue update on the Mk1.8t Cabby build, covering everything from the first bits of paint, engine work, body kit mockup, and more. Lets jump right into it.


The first parts of the Cabby have been painted! Dylan chose the classic Inari Silver, and Devon at Colonial Body got to work on the cage and bay - this color is incredibly deceptive, shifting between a slightly greenish silver to straight on Hulk green depending on the light. Truly a beautiful color.


The brake master also got installed.


Moving over to the engine, assembly continued with a zinc-coated fuel rail, coil packs, 034 Motorsports coil-pack hold down, manifolds, and alternator. The upper and lower timing covers were modified to account for the Eurowise motor mounts, and a spooky touch was added to the billet oil cap by Adam at AG Designs.


Speaking of zinc, here's a brief glimpse into zinc madness.


We've also begun the process of splitting the transmission to install the Wavetrac diff. More to come on this in a later post.


Onto the suspension, the coilovers chosen were the excellent KW V3s. Making quick work of the fronts, the coilovers, knuckles, control arms, and brakes were all installed.


The rear beam was looking a little worse for wear, so it was stripped down and painted black.


Next the bushings and rear axle stubs get pressed and ready for installation.


Due to the full cage and where it was terminated in the rear, the bushing for the rear coilovers had to be trimmed to fit inside of the cage.


With that completed, the rear beam, coilovers, knuckle, and brakes could be installed.


Now with both the front and rear suspension sorted and installed, we're able to put some temporary rollers on the Cabby and see how she's sitting.


And finally we couldn't wait any longer and decided to mock up the genuine BBS body kit. The results speak for themselves.


We're absolutely thrilled with how it looks mocked up, and can't wait to progess even further with the build. We leave you with a teaser and progress on the wheels. Until next time.

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Excellent read and photos!👏🏼👏🏼 I can’t wait to see this cabby completed!! I love the engine compartment color!

Kelli-Beth Kellogg

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