VW MK1.8T Cabby Build - Part III

VW MK1.8T Cabby Build - Part III

Welcome back to the MK1.8T Cabby build - today's update is a big one, as we've been officially caged. We brought the Cabby to the very talented Norway Nils to get a full roll cage built, and the outcome is incredible. Take a look!

Getting the Cabby loaded up on to the trailer (And a massive shout out to our boy Country for all his help, love you buddy!) Quick pit stop for some fluids. We've arrived! We left the car in Nils hands to work his magic and...

...A couple weeks later it's all set - here's the first look at the beautiful cage work by Nils, he absolutely killed it.

We brought the cabby to Devon at Colonial Body for body prep and paint. Here's how she's sitting currently.

Shaving the side markers. Shaving the rear badges. Patching some rust with fiberglass. Removing the battery tray. When sparks fly. Devon welding some patches to get the bay all clean and shaved. Starting to remove the glass... ...And it's out!

With all the trim removed, the cage sanded and prepped, and the windshield removed, it's 95% ready for paint.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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