VW MK1.8T Cabby Build - Part I

VW MK1.8T Cabby Build - Part I

In the fall of 2021, Dylan came across a 1982 Volkswagen Cabriolet. Half assembled, but still drivable, this became BooBuilt's first official project car.


The night she was picked up. Quick inspection under the hood. Seeing her in the daylight. The donor car providing a 1.8T AWP 20V. Some (dis)assembly required. Engine is free! Empty bay and ready for parting out. Time to start removing the cabby's heart. Radiator gone. The parts establishing dominance in their corner of the house. Cabby engine is out! The empty bay. Removing wiring and a nice cleaning. Removed the dash. AWP disassembly. She's a little dirty, but she'll clean up nicely. Deck is looking pretty clean. Before... ...and after. Super clean. Safety first. Bottom end going together. Oil pan on. Zinc coat all the hardware. Intake manifold is on and looking stellar.

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